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We're hot, you're not

Posting Access:
All Members
To join be sure to include the following
1)Name, age and Location
2)5 favorite bands, no more, no less
3)A BREIF summary of yourself. You can include hobbies, interests, whatever. Just make it YOU.
4)Atleast 3 pictures of yourself. 3 is nice, 4 is good, 5 is awesome. Keep them clean. We are not interested in your wangs, cha chas or tits of any kind.
5)Be sure to have "New" or something relatively similar in the subject.

1)If you aren't a member, any comemnts in any post other than your applying post will be deleted. If you are persistant (more than once), you'll be banned. If you do comment in any post, you may not be considered for future acception. It would depend on how HOT you are.
2)If you are accepted you can comment in any post. We also ask you promote the community.
3)If you are NOT accepted you can re-apply after a couple days. Same day re-applications will not be considered. Again, if you are persistant, you will be banned.
4)If you don't like what is said to you during your application, too damn bad. We have our standards. You chose to apply.
5)If you are accepted and cause problems with the rest of the community, you will be banned. Problems would include harassment, bashing of moderators, and whatever a moderator would feel is unacceptable.
6)If your friends who are non-members come in to add their two cents to our comments, be prepared for ridicule and banishment for both you and them.